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Understand Ecuador

In this section, you will discover the characteristic diversity of one of the smallest countries in South America.  From Quito, its capital city, to « Costa » or the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is truly a world of its own.



Costa, Sierra, Oriente and Galapagos : four regions with diverse characteristics, which form a country where some lands can reach more than 5000 metres, to end plunging in the Pacific or meeting with the Amazon.  Ecuador counts, among its many volcanoes, the highest active volcano in the world :  Cotopaxi.


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Multiple provinces and ethnic groups, regional and cultural affiliations, religious orientations (…).  This is what makes Ecuador a multicolor country where cultural melting pot multiplies.

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The first term of Rafael Correa (2006) put an end to the chronic political instability that caused the deposition of his three predecessors.  The current Ecuadorian President has since been reelected and is trying to bring more serenity to a country still racked by diverse crises.  Cultural diversity and in particular the rights of the indigenous population are recognized by the national constitution.

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Although it is an undeniable basis for the evolution of the population, education remains crumbly in Ecuador.  Scholastic failure – if not total lack of schooling – are areas where it is necessary to bring solutions for improvement.  Like traditional education, the development of intercultural and bilingual education isn’t really taken in consideration by national institutions.

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The country’s economy depends mainly on the export of bananas (no. 1 exporter in the world), oil and tourism. One of the great paradoxes of Ecuador is the contrast between the abundance of its natural resources (in particular, oil) and the economic situation of the country, which remains heavily in debt.

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