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Help the NGOs

Une Option de Plus provides a voice for NGOs in Ecuador, which work tirelessly from day to day to improve the daily lives of the people.

To guarantee their longevity and bring their hard work to fruition, these NGOs need help and support.

Do you want to act directly on their behalf?
Various options are available to you:

Make a donation:

Provide a solution to the NGOs' financial needs


Become a volunteer:

- Involve yourself personally in what the NGOs do: come and find out what volunteer profiles we currently need.

- Organize a training workshop within our network of NGOs:

Our partner organizations are looking for people with specialist knowledge who would like to share their expertise, particularly in the following domains: marketing, project management, IT, accounting, video-making and photography.

If you are interested in sharing your professional knowledge, please get in touch, and we can help you to organize training sessions with the NGOs.

Introduce the NGOs:

Introduce others to Ecuadorian projects, speak out about them (put our banner on your website or blog, or distribute our brochure...).



Below is the complete list of the NGOs' needs: