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Get to know Une Option de Plus

Like many initiatives, Une Option de Plus ("One more Option") started with a basic feeling, a simple observation...

Imagine yourself on a quiet beach.

You look around and see some small houses made of bamboo and wood, where a handful of people representing the inhabitants of a small village live...

You listen to the sound of the waves in the morning and the distant noise of howler monkeys.

You look at the children playing in the dirt paths that some call "streets".

You gaze at the truck that occasionally makes its way to the village, where it is emptied of its few fresh products from the previous day's journey. You notice that its wheels are stuck in the mud in the middle of what some call the main road, a barely drivable strip that provides the single link to the half-paved routes of the coastal road network.

As you look around, the beach's sand, the Pacific Ocean, and the suggestion of isolation evokes thoughts of paradise. As you take a deeper look at the details of the portrait, you note that the children playing in the mud never wear shoes, that the school in the background has been closed for a week because it rained too much and the road was flooded, or the school is too far away from where the children live, or those who operate the school just didn't wake up on time this morning...

You also notice that most of the children appear to be in poor physical health, they are not well nourished, they do not have much to do during the day, their parents engage them in tasks that are too difficult for children of their age, and that begging has become a  an instinctive action or response to the appearance of a Western tourist taking their time to investigate what lies behind the heavenly landscape.

This description illustrates a country with appalling educational, social, and health-related concerns. The State, crippled by foreign debt and various forms of corruption, appears to be unable to find efficient, effective, or enduring solutions to these issues and its people.

A handful of men and women consisting of Ecuadorians and foreigners decided that they could not wait until the budget expenses were revealed...

So they decided to act.

These men and women are those who dedicate their time, energy, and patience to others. Despite hardships and deprivation, living without much, they devote their lives to helping those in need. These are the true heroes of the country.

We wish to introduce to you these individuals, their cause, their actions, their existence, and their permanent struggle to help improve living conditions for the Ecuadorian people. Through this website, we want to offer you the opportunity to join them in their efforts.