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What we do

What we do

The objective of Une Option de Plus is to bring a real support to the initiatives of associations in Ecuador, whose goal is to improve the living conditions of the people there.


Who we help

We support small NGOs working in Ecuador, which intervene in the following areas :


Why we help local structures

The citizen movements assisted by Une Option de Plus are first and foremost local initiatives.  Born from the courage and energy of individuals affected by numerous difficulties, the NGOs we assist show needs in line with the local reality. 


How we act

Support structure par excellence, Une Option de Plus positions itself as a spokesperson for associations that fit the criteria of a proven label and follow the principles of a charter of rights and obligations.



The website of Une Option de Plus offers a true showcase for those who are engaged daily in the field.


Moreover, Une Option de Plus offers its expertise and know-how to :

  • audit the functioning, financing, needs, etc. of the NGOs;
  • advise them about the development of a project, obtaining financing, marketing of their action ;
  • encourage local dynamics by creating a real national network of sharing and exchange of competences.


Une Option de Plus acts in a completely free and financially disinterested manner.