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Our values

The NGOs referred to on this site share a set of moral and ethical values

which form part of the criteria for their integration into the Une Option de Plus network.

Respect for people – We work exclusively with people or organisations that have respect for human dignity. We are committed to denouncing all illicit practices such as child labour, slavery in whatever form and any breach of the rights of man, woman and child, as defined by international laws and conventions.

Non-discrimination – As a private organisation that is non-profit, non-denominational, apolitical and plural, Une Option de Plus respects differences, whether cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, political, union-based, national or of any other kind, and condemns all acts of discrimination purported to be, directly or indirectly, the cause or consequence of such differences.

Ethics – We pay great attention to the quality and integrity of the projects we support. As a consequence, we have developed a label to certify the associations which fulfil a list of criteria and commit themselves to respecting our principles, as verified by our team in the field. We also impose on ourselves strict standards of conduct, to ensure that the assistance we provide is effective and essentially of benefit to the populations it is intended to help.

TransparencyUne Option de Plus is an association (1901 Law) supported by public assistance and private donors. We are committed to providing our partners and donors with accurate and clear information on the funding received and how it is used. Reports on our activities and finances can be consulted on our website.

Autonomy – Our role as a partner for the associations working in Ecuador does not jeopardise their autonomy. On the contrary, our philosophy is based on recognising the pertinence of their initiatives. The permanent nature of their structure and the respect they have for our selection criteria constitute further proof that their actions are real. Therefore we wish to help them take charge of their own destiny and provide them with the necessary support so they can develop, in the best possible conditions, the actions they have set in motion.


Sharing – We share our knowledge and know-how with the associations we support. At the same time, we encourage them to pool their experience, information and expertise in order to help them achieve their objectives and contribute to their respective progress.

Respect for the environment – The actors of the Une Option de Plus network commit to respect their ecosystem and to promote the principles of sustainable development and preservation of the environment.