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Itinéraire international is a 1901 Law non-profit organization which was born in 1995 that intends to facilitate the access to international mobility for young people between 18 and 30, regardless of their qualification or experience, while valorizing it as a structuring step in their professional integration. 

This organization also aims at promoting international mobility as a tool for social and professional integration to the professionals and public authorities.

EQUITERRE. Founded in September 2010, the organization EquiTerre Paris is a non-for-profit association launched by young professionals, students and the EquiTerre Federation.  EquiTerre Paris has tasked itself to promote responsible consumption and sustained development.

Their projects aim at sharing with all how to change consumption patterns and make it more respectful for us, for others and for the planet.

VO FAIR VO FAIR's objective is to promote and guarantee transparency in international volunteering. To do this, the association:
-Promotes South American NGOs and their programs on its website, boosting the NGO' effectiveness and transparency
-Certifies volunteer programs for various criteria of quality.
For now, VO Fair is focusing its work on South America, but the association says it will expand to other regions of the world.

BABEL BRASS BAND Made up of 9 musicians, this association organizes a traveling initiative of international solidarity. Babel Brass Band has committed itself to carry out a 6 month project in 3 different countries (Ecuador, Cameroon and Madagascar). The project will consist of workshops which will give disadvantaged children access to music and culture. Their aim is to contribute to the integral development of children in conditions of vulnerability and risk by proposing music as an alternative psychosocial development.
AOMI is a nonprofit organization that was created by qualified women  in various fields and whose mission is to make available various axes of orientation to the woman and, in particular migrant women in Catalonia (Spain). The association aims to promote women's plan of life whether as entrepreneur of ideas, business initiatives or as qualified employee so that they can improve their own lifes and their family life's quality.

Ecole Surpacifico


SURPACIFICO Spanish School, situated in Manta (Coast), provides volunteers opportunities such as internships.


PICHINCHA Spanish school, located in Quito, offers to its students the opportunity to volunteer in one of the NGOs we support.

Marimba Spanish School, located in Súa, in the Esmeraldas region on the north coast of Ecuador, facilitates the integration of volunteers supported by One more option through language training and an acclimation to the culture, customs and traditions of the country.

Tradadev is a French non-profit organization, composed of a worldwide network of language students and freethinkers of all kind, which provides free translation services to nonprofits and associations focusing on humanitarian, environmental, and social issues. Tradadev not only provides a service to NGOs, but also helps students and people from all over the world gain valuable experience by working for an international organization.

The creator of Volunteer South America wanted to show potential volunteers that free & grass-roots volunteer programs do exist in South America - and there are some fantastic opportunities out there; and he also wants, just like Une Option de Plus, to raise awareness, support & promote these little-known organisations that do such great work.

Idealist is an interactive site on which registered individuals and organizations are able to exchange resources and ideas, find all sorts of opportunities to add a brick to the construction of a world where every one can live free and in dignity.


Independent Volunteer selects NGOs by country and area of activity, which offers volunteer opportunities at low cost.

IDEAL is an association under the Law of 1901 which general objective is to contribute to the local economic and social development of the at-risk population in Ecuador.

The Ammado website offers useful work tools to associations, which facilitates communication with their existing and prospective members and ensures the broadcasting of their message on a larger scale.


La Guilde creates and supports adventure and solidarity initiatives, sends volunteers around the world through different programs, and initiates emergency aid missions and development programs.

C.I.E.L.O. is a French NGO established in 1995, which contributes to the fight against poverty in developing countries through educational games and sport activities, communal game rooms, managed by the residents of the beneficiary neighborhoods, established and compensated as game room managers. Currently, the 30 game rooms in this network serve 23 towns in 11 countries (Latin America, Africa, Middle East) and has already benefited more than 42,000 people of all ages.

The website Planet NGO allows small NGOs around the world to present their creations, their projects and their financial needs, be they in materials or human resources, in the fields related to childhood, health, social work or the environment. In this way, they can better access support from individuals, companies or groups, which can in turn contact them directly.

Econexiones Unidades is a Franco-Guatemalan, socially and environmentally responsible NGO, which mission is to promote, develop and support participants and projects devoted to sustainability in different fields.

The objective of this French site is to make available not only a directory of associations by region, but also a calendar of events that are organized by these associations or in which they are participating.

The GREF is a lay association of international solidarity composed mostly of retired volunteers. The association works in partnership with local people in training projects in all areas of education in order to achieve the UN Millenium Goals. The GREF is active in Africa, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and France.

VeoSearch is a portal that allows access to all the classic functionalities of the Web (search, shopping ...) while raising funds for Une Option de Plus. Every time you do a search, or you compare prices on the Shopping portal, you generate advertising revenue, of which 50% can be transferred to Une Option de Plus, if you register (at the top right hand side of each page of the site and choose Une Option de Plus as your beneficiary association (by clicking on « Add to my selection »). And this for free, without even having to spend a penny!

Starting Block is an association of young active adults and the head network of several student associations located throughout France. In order to construct a more just world that is inclusive and united, the association is implementing educational programs to encourage citizenship and solidarity, and which are carried out by the youth towards the youth.