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In this country, where many children are forced to grow up fast, too fast, it is practically a provocation to state that childhood is at the core of a well-built, meaningful life. It is, however, the challenge that the game libraries from San Vicente try to address, by placing games in the center of the development and learning stages of children.

Thus, in this community located in the province of Manabi on the northern coast of Ecuador, a dynamic partnership between numerous French and Ecuadorian organizations, as well as the support of many volunteers, have created two game libraries: Centurion in 2004 and Nueva Esperanza in 2005.

Located in the poor neighborhoods of San Vicente, these two toy and game centers have one single aim: to allow children and underprivileged youth of this disadvantaged part of San Vicente to develop themselves through game activities and to achieve a better integration in society.

And it has proven successful! Each Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, an average of sixty children between the ages of 3 and 15 eagerly wait for the two toy and game centers to open, to make sure they do not miss a single opportunity to exchange and share games with others.  With time, these children have learned to respect their peers, to take care of the games, and to share them.

Throughout the year, various events relay the activity of these toy and game centers to a wider audience. Children from two other neighborhoods are thus encouraged to join in.  A Game Festival, sporting events, or even participation in the International Game Day, all contribute to the comeback of game-oriented activities, with neighbors, friends and families.

Futuro - Nueva Esperanza

Offer social and educational activities for the most underprivileged children and youths of San Vicente.

Coast / Manabí
Kids Adolescents


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New look for the Nueva Esperanza toys and games library

August, Friday 26 2016

The heavy work of Futuro Association is done ! Discover the new look of the Nueva Esperanza toys and games library in San Vicente.

June, Monday 20 2016

Rincon de los Cuentos (Tale Corner) Mural

June, Monday 20 2016

Thanks to the Poste Rojo Volunteers team, specially, to the artist Cecilia Goni Arte Cecé, to Eric Francisco Espinoza Bravo , to Landon Correia  and also thanks to the ludo children, we have finished the mural of the Tale Corner, which will be in the final repair phase, thanks to the contribution of  Martin Mugniot  and to its association “Todos similiares, todos iguales”. He couldn’t be present but he did virtually!

 A nice team work, thank you!

May, Tuesday 31 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

February, Wenesday 10 2016

Participation of the children of Futuro to the COP21

December, Tuesday 15 2015

The COP21 a Paris, c'est fini! The Climate Change Conference is over in Paris, counting on 195 countries, including Ecuador, to reduce greenhouse gases emissions to avoid 2 C° increase in temperature.

As every children of the world, the ones from the Nueva Esperanza play center in San Vicente worried about the planet’s protection "¿Que hacer para salvarla?" along with the "Français Du Monde" association,  Juan Carlos Salazar Cevallos’ garden center and Fundacion Futuro volunteers, and Nueva Esperanza and Centurión play center, gather to participate in the activity "un árbol para el clima" (A Tree for the climate): it is a beautiful message to all children to commit acting every day to protect our ecosystem in all its biodiversity.

11th Edition of the Games Festival in San Vicente

November, Monday 9 2015

In November 8th, the Futuro play centers hosted the 11th Edition of the Games Festival in San Vicente. The program includes games of Nueva Esperanza and Centurión play center, ludic activities, folk dancing, clowns, mimes and many more things. 

Celebration of the Coastal Cleanup Day

October, Monday 26 2015

Owing to the Coastal Cleanup Day, volunteers, young and older people from San Vicente’s play center participated in the “Playatón” 2015 in “Los Perales” beach in San Vicente. Since the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador made an appeal on this day. This annual activity has been done during 30 years in 152 countries, the activity’s aim is to make aware to the volunteer so they can collect and recycle the coast trash. WELL DONE! 

Games Libraries Celebrate International Day of Sport for Development and Peace!

April, Monday 6 2015

On April 6, the Futuro foundation and its Nueva Esperenza games library, the San Vicente GAD and its Directorate for Development and Social Action (DDAS in Spanish), the Peace Corps, and the "Queen" of the Canton of San Vicente* all celebrated the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Crowned with white headbands (cintillos), in a big group effort the participants undertook a three-kilometer walk in silence along the cycling path of Los Caros Bridge, the longest in Ecuador.  At the middle of the bridge, the local priest said a prayer for peace.

The celebration was capped by games at the beach and a four-way lightning round tournament with four teams:  young people from the local fire station, the Playa Mar Club, and the Communities of Santa Rita and Los Perales.

Sport is one of the pillars of a healthy society, one that is self-confident, united and diverse at the same time, and based on human rights and dignity for all.  This is what the Futuro foundation wished to demonstrate with this celebration.


February, Saturday 14 2015

December, Tuesday 30 2014

The game festival, a family sharing moment.

November, Sunday 9 2014

On November 9 the Futuro association celebrated its annual game festival. This year, it was included in the 6th plan Calle that was held in the neighborhood of Las Mandarinas.

Many children were able to enjoy a fun time with their friends and family thanks to the booths that were available to them: joining games, rule games, exercise games, symbolic games, slides, etc.

The opportunity was for the toy libraries to make people aware of games created by Olga Caparros, volunteer at One More Option, El Chimborazo , El Plato Picaro and La Berdigueta. Many thanks to the entire Futuro team for that day. 

Toy libraries, increasingly closer to the residents of San Vicente !

October, Sunday 5 2014

On Sunday 5 October 2014, the toy libraries of Nueva Esperanza and of Centurion, of the   Futuro association, participated in the monthly celebration organized by the municipality of San Vicente in the framework of the Plan Calle (Street program). Since the month of July, all the toy libraries participate in this program, which requires organizing on the first Sunday of every month, a community celebration in a neighborhood or a rural area of the municipality. What is its aim?  To reestablish links among the residents and reinvigorating citizen engagement. It is an opportunity for the toy libraries to allow children, who usually do not attend their centers, to discover the activities and also to get known by the residents of San Vicente. This first Sunday of October, the Plan Calle will be held in Nueva Esperanza, in front of the toy library, and will be an opportunity for Olga, who just started a volunteer mission at Futuro, to meet the team, the children and the residents of the neighborhood and to share with them a friendly day structured around numerous activities! 

Translated by Marie-Catherine Arnal

Libraries are moving, are you?

September, Saturday 20 2014

On 20 September, the slogan for this year’s International Solidarity Week “The world is moving, are you?” was celebrated by San Vincente’s libraries. Equipped with their games, the children and the team made their way to Comedor Popular(the public cantine) where they met the senior citizens of the organisation Futuro. 


Around fifteen students from school El Manglar aged between 10 and 15 also took part, sharing a little of their time and their joie de vivre.

Children, students, adults and seniors alike enjoyed the opportunity to share, play and make the most of Doña Petruca y Don Fuquencio’sclown act (Cristina and Luly, student instructors).The festivities ended with a dinner party hosted by the Patronato Municipal and the students of Manglar.

A big well done to all those involved in this wonderful day of solidarity !

Translated by Malikha Alibhai


The international day of the game and the day of the Child!

May, Saturday 31 2014

Under the sun of San Vicente, the game libraries decided to occupy the public space in order to attract the children of the neighborhood. This is how; the street of the game library Nueva Esperanza became a playing field for the enjoyment of all children. All the games of the library of games were made available to all attendees but on this occasion major games were also put out: pasa-trampa, indian billiard, the snake, etc. Three clowns, full of enthusiasm joined the fun and made children of all ages laugh with their imaginative performance.

The day followed the tempo of the games and competitions in a festive and friendly atmosphere. Hula-hoop, ball races, football games etc. with great prizes for the winners: games, school supplies, candies, etc. The most creative were also honored. In fact, for this 4th edition, the game libraries suggested to the children to invent “ the game of their dreams” using recycled material. Participants proved to be very imaginative, adding a new life to used games or creating from scratch a computer, a doll’s house etc…. by using only paper, cardboard, color pencils and dreams.

A very big thank you to all participants, to the game libraries and to all  the volunteers who support them for having offered to the children of San Vicente such a wonderful day: sparkling eyes, smiles and laughs: a big success!

Translated by: Marie-Catherine Arnal

A new game for the library of games!

May, Saturday 17 2014

It’s called “Close the Box” and has been sent from France by the godparents Christine and Hervé (library of games “Y'a pas d'laids arts” from Pertuis-Vaucluse) and created by Christine!

The rules are simple: after throwing the dice, the player closes the numbers corresponding to the figures on the dice, either by dividing the points on each dice, or by adding them. He throws the dice as long as he can close a cavity. Once this is not possible any longer the numbers remaining visible are credited to the player.
We also have introduced this game to the children of the Centurión library of games and …..  are convinced that we need to devise another one for the San Vicente  library of games !
All children had great fun. THANK YOU VERY MUCH « Y’a pas d’laids arts » library of games for this wonderful game and also for the sports outfits for our future athletes and for bringing happiness to San Vicente !

Goodbye 2013 and Happy New Year 2014!

January, Wenesday 1 2014

Everything was there: the testimony competition of the dying year, the widows’ weeping (it’s always the young men being disguised), the Año Viejo, which is a manikin that represents all the misfortunes of the year. This manikin is burnt in order to enter the New Year with good fortune. We also added the piscinazo, which are the feast and the candies. 
Nueva Esperanza won little happy widows, thanks to its testimony: Dany (la Daniela), David (la Oswaldina), Pedro Antonio (la Antonieta) and Victor (la Victoria).
Nothing but happiness! We are very thankful from the bottom of our hearts to all our godfathers, the people in charge of the toy libraries and to the volunteers of the Futuro Foundation. 

Translated by Alexandra Calame

9th Annual Festival of Games Hosted by San Vicente Toy Libraries

November, Sunday 10 2013

Toy libraries brought out their toys and games for the celebration, making them available for free to children from San Vicente and the surrounding areas. The festival was an opportunity for young and old alike to spend a Sunday afternoon playing games with their families.

The stadium was filled with the sound of children’s laughter and joy throughout the day. There were five areas dedicated to different types of play, such as skill-based games, board games, and outdoor games. Hula hoop contests, jump-rope competitions and races kept things interesting—and of course there was plenty of candy for the attendees! A fun time was had by all. We can’t wait to do it again! But you’ll have to wait until next year to see the surprises in store for the 10th Annual Games Festival. We guarantee you’ll love it!

 Translated by Andie Ho

Bingo day for Futuro's games clubs

October, Saturday 26 2013

The Bingo event was organised by the Futuro Association and the ’New hope’ and ‘Centurian’ games clubs. It was a total success – a jovial day where everyone threw themselves into the game ! Many children attended – Fabricio, as usual, called the numbers, with plenty of gusto. Because here, when we say ‘call the numbers’, it’s not something that just anyone can turn their hand to. At the end of it all many prizes were awarded, including some domestic appliances. It was a great day enjoyed by all.

 In the end, all the event objectives were met. Four hundred Bingo cards were sold – this will be sufficient to cover part of the expenses for the fourth Games Festival, which will take place on 10th November.

Translated by Elizabeth Brook

The children of San Vicente go to the movies

August, Wenesday 21 2013

Going to the movies is not a common pastime for the children living in San Vicente! When it was announced the Eurociné film festival would be holding free movie showings, the centers seized the opportunity to bring their beneficiaries to see the children’s movies being offered.

On August 21st, 22 children had the chance to watch the German cartoon “The Musicians of Bremen,” based on the famous fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. The children very much enjoyed the screening, despite the younger viewers having a harder time reading the subtitles. The next day, a second group saw the cartoon “Nocturna, the magical night” in Spanish.

The children enjoyed two mornings filled with joy and delight, many of whom were going to the movies for the first time in their lives!

Translated by Amélie Millet

Festival Days at the Game Libraries !

June, Saturday 1 2013

May and June will not at all have been a break for the game libraries of San Vicente. Indeed, they took hold of the town, during two big events.


For the third annual Worldwide Day of Play, Friday, May 24, the game libraries of San Vicente blocked off the roads around the « Nueva Esperanza » game library. The children from the two game libraries came in droves, surrounded for the first time by their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and a few shy fathers. On this day dedicated to leisure and play, all were there to enjoy the program designed by the game libraries’ staff and Marine, a French project management intern who came to lend a helping hand.

All created from recycled materials, new games were honored: giant pick-up-sticks, snake game (type of snakes and ladders game), caramels (game of speed around colors)…

Of course, no one forgot the tradition group games: potato sack racing, jump-roping, balloons, truth or dare… Very quickly, young and old took to the games. Riotous laughter and good moods were thus part of the day. This year, 2013, brought a new contest, «Invent me a toy » on the day’s theme, and it was easily observable that the children’s creativity and inventiveness was not to be doubted! The majority went with themes of daydreaming, inventing dream boats, planes, trucks…


For International Children’s Day, June 1, the association decided to move its playing fields to the town’s beach. Obviously, one found there most of the games brought out for the previous event and that make each time the happiness of young and old.

But on this particular day, a game that is very popular during festive times in the Ecuadorian villages drew all the attention: the “caña encebada.” A stick of 10 meters, planted in the soil, is covered with grease. At the top are bags of treats. The goal is obviously to manage to climb, often by helping one another, to retrieve the little gifts.


The laughs of young and old are a testament to the success of these two days and give the whole staff the will to continue organizing such unforgettable encounters with the children.

=> More picture in our Facebook page ! <=

First sporting encounter of 2013 for the toy libraries

January, Sunday 20 2013

After the rain, the sun... This has never been truer than on January 20 when, after a night of bad weather the sun reappeared, drying the streets and sports grounds. This enabled the children from Nueva Esperanza to accept Centurion's invitation for a morning of sporting encounters.

For the last few months, the two San Vicente toy libraries have been organising monthly encounters related to sport: a chance for the numerous beneficiaries of the two toy libraries to meet and have fun around a game of football, basketball or another team game.


Sixty children were present for this meeting. The matches gradually got underway, and the children from the two toy libraries set up their "supporters' club" to motivate their teams.

Male and female teams successively took their places on the pitch, to the accompaniment of singing and shouting from the watching children. The toy library leaders became temporary referees! Everybody enjoyed the atmosphere of friendly rivalry.

The morning ended with a light snack before the children, tired but happy, returned to their respective quarters to await with impatience the next encounter. 

The 8th San Vincente Games Festival occurred on Novembre, 11th

November, Sunday 11 2012

The festival, organised by the Future Foundation as it has been every year since 2005, achieved its objectives. 

A large number of children from San Vincente, together with their parents or friends, enjoyed the numerous games – educational board games and exercises, games for small children – which were provided free of charge  for the whole of Sunday. 

The games were chosen and provided by the two children’s play centres in San Vincente, “Nueva Esperanza” and “Centurión”, administrated by the Foundation. 

Both children and adults were surprised by the new games this year.  Amongst others, there were games which incorporated recycled materials – the octopus, ‘pasa-trampa’ and the witches dance – made by the two French volunteers Marie Luce and Abdel.  Other games and toys were generously donated by friends of the Festival.

The day was a great success.  Roll on the next one!

World Play Day at the toy libraries

July, Wenesday 4 2012

Yesterday, Sunday 10 June, we were able to honour our National Day of the Child (1st June) and our World Play Day (26th May, organised by the International Toy Library Association) on the newly re-named street "Angel Roman" (named after the first inhabitant of the street), but better known under the name of Rue de la Ludo, which bathed in an equatorial sun.

Last week, we were forced to postpone our day of celebrations due to an atypical winter "aguacero" (torrential rainstorm) which made the streets muddy and practically impassable. So yesterday, between the end of mass and the start of the Ecuador-Colombia football match (Ecuador won!) we played underneath a blazing sun. In spite of the already busy Sunday ahead and the heat of the midday sun, the children all came along.

The event was perfectly organised thanks to the skills of Carmen, the Nueva Esperanza toy librarian and her husband Fabricio, and of course with the support team from Fondation Futuro, ready to help as always, young and old.

The children competed in a number of traditional games, which was met with great happiness...and toffees! There were silly races, hula hooping, skipping, spinning tops, cup-and-ball, egg and spoon races and the crowning glory: the WHEEL RACE. Carmen and the children from the toy library made wheels using reclaimed covers, sticks, iron wire and nails. We changed this year's theme from "Invent me a game", to "Re-invent me a forgotten game". All of the games were extremely successful.

To show off the wonderful table football set provided by the Amilly Association (and students from the Solidarity Club of Lycée Le Chesnoy high school in Amilly), we took it out of the toy library for the day. It was, of course, very well received, as table football is the essential element of every rural fête.

We will definitely be repeating the event, much to the joy of everyone in the Nueva Esperanza area!

San Vicente. An event organized by "Fundación Futuro"

Celebration of World Games Day

San Vicente's"Fundación Futuro" organized a celebration of World Games Day, as part of a special month dedicated to children.

The event took place in the area surrounding the local toy library in the neighborhood of Nueva Esperanza. It was a morning of games, traditional contests and recreational activities, as well as games reinvented and conjured up ​​by children in the playroom, such as spinning wheels, sack races and spoon races amongst others.

Congratulations to Futuro for the prize

January, Wenesday 25 2012

Following the Game World Day in May 2011, the toy library of San Vicente submitted an application for the Innovative Game Competition organized by CIELO, a network of toy libraries to which they belong. They organized with the children of Nueva Esperanza a treasure hunt in the neighborhood. Since the latter brought together mainly fishermen, the game was developed according to this theme…

A toy library in the city of Potosi won the first prize, followed by the toy library of Nueva Esperanza tied for second prize with a toy library in Kinshasa in Congo. The profits allowed buying new games, including table football to the delight of children…

How you can help


It is a project financed by the French organization, “Solidarité Amilloise pour San Vicente,” and managed and coordinated by the Futuro foundation.

San Vicente, a new township created in 1999, is located on Manabí province’s north shore between the towns of Bahia de Caraquez to the South and Jama in the North. San Vicente, a mostly rural town, boasts a coastal strip of around 31 miles. The toy libraries are located in poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of San Vicente.

In 2002, Martine Wallet, president of the Futuro Foundation, and wife of San Vicente’s mayor, secured a grant for San Vicente’s child laborers from the city hall in Amilly, her native home in France.
From 2005 to 2007, this organization was dedicated to financially supporting and organizing several educational exchanges with various French schools. These youth visits have contributed to the creation of two toy libraries in San Vicente.

The Centurion Toy Library was established on 6 May 2004. It is located in the Athletic Club Nuevos Centuriones in los Pereales, a San José neighborhood. Thanks to the support of the Consejo Provincial, the toy library has had its own space since 2010. The library was made possible by the support of two volunteers from Cuerpo de Paz who have also managed it since 2006.

The Nueva Esperanza Toy Library was established on May 21, 2005 under the name of Plaza Mar, the name of the ahtletic club that has housed the toy library since 2007. Today, it has its own site and premises (which are owned by Futuro), thanks to a donation from the French organization, Amilly-San Vicente, and the help of nine students from the school, Le Chesnoy. The students painted the walls, planted palm trees, provided new toys, and were instrumental in organizing the 2007 Games Festival. The new toy library was opened on November 3, 2007.

These toy libraries form part of the C.I.E.L.O network.

Ludoteca Nueva Esperanza: barrio Nueva Esperanza
Ludoteca Centurion: San Jose de los Pereales

San Vicente

Martine Wallet: (00 593 5) / (05) 26 74 282
Futuro Foundation: (00 593 5) / 05 26 75 024
Paola : (00 593) / (0) 90 31 78 98

Martina Wallet:
Paola :
Association Amilly:

Webpages of partner organisations:

Martine Wallet: with a PhD in parasital bilology; she is the president of Futuro, and also manages the Manglar School and the two toy libraries .
Doris Esmeraldas (Centurion toy library) currently attends university. She has worked for the organization since 2005.
Carmen Erazo (Nueva Esperanza toy library) has been with the group since the start of the program; she has participated in several training courses with CIELO.

To allow San Vicente’s marginalized children and youth to develop themselves through play, and become productive members of society.

- To offer the children of San Vicente an alternative outlet

•  To develop intrafamilial relationships through play.

•  To contribute to the promotion of play as an educational tool

- Weekly activities at the toy libraries on the weekend.

- The Festival of Games: the planning of this festival takes inspiration from previous projects lead by C.I.E.L.O in other Latin American cities (Nobsa and Montería in Colombia and Quito); these have allowed a greater openness towards and reception of toy libraries by the people of San Vicente. It takes place in a central location in San Vicente. Access to the Games is free for all, and promotes the role of games in educating children, advances friendly, wholesome, and peaceful activities, and gives visibility to the work of toy libraries.
The Games Festival also allows dozens of young people from the neighborhoods’ toy libraries to be trained in organizing activities.

•  Planning mini-events for children at the toy libraries such as Christmas programs.

•  Ad hoc sports activities proposed by the visiting volunteers.

Children from poor neighborhoods, who range in ages from 3 to 16. They come twice a week to play in the Town’s two toy libraries. Since 2005, 468 children have visited the libraries.